A gathering of young leaders

Welcome to Kyria Collab, an exclusive gathering of exceptional young female leaders aged 18-25 from various denominations and spheres of influence across the UK.

Our mission is to embark on a transformative 12-month journey together, establishing the REAL WAY of leadership:

Recognise & Relate | Encounter & Equip | Advise & Advocate | Listen & Leverage

Our Collab cohort, limited to just 12 leaders, ensures a close-knit community where meaningful connections can flourish. As part of this unique experience, each leader will receive two personalised 1:1 coaching sessions tailored to their passions and leadership influence.

Applications close 6th September 2024.

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About Collab

Collab is a monthly online evening space where we unite to create, achieve, promote, and encourage young female leaders. These empowering sessions consist of dynamic leadership discussions, designed to:

  • Create connection and conversation
  • Facilitate leadership and learning
  • Assess current needs and opportunities
  • Listen and formulate visions, outcomes, and partnerships

Collab Contributers

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Event Content

Typical Elements of a Collab Meeting (7:30–9:15pm) include:


Embrace a profound sense of presence.


Delve into a personal story, fostering peer support and encouragement.


Explore compelling Collab Topics (see below).


Engage in invigorating breakout discussions.


Be empowered through a brief 5-minute media piece featuring leadership encouragement and testimonies related to the theme.


Unite in prayer, uplifting and supporting one another.


Content for 2024

1: Collab for Connection

Join Amy Summerfield as she shares invaluable insights on the significance of connection in leadership. Discover the importance of establishing connections with Christ, others, and ourselves. Input will also be given by Kate Middleton.

2: Collab for Conversation

A discussion session where we uncover the pressing needs and experiences faced by young women leaders through shared stories and conversations. Explore
the challenges and opportunities of being a woman in leadership, and examine equity within your church and sphere of influence. Input from Cath Woolridge.

3: Collab to Champion

Learn about the vital role of encouragement and championing in effective leadership. Baylie Adeoti will enlighten you on how to champion the cause of women in leadership. Input will also be given by Danielle Strickland.

4: Collab to Lead

Join Kate Coleman as she exposes some unhealthy behaviours that hold women back in leadership and discover insights and resources that clear the path to lead in a better way. Input also given by Laura Hancock.

5: Collab to Communicate

Cathy Madavan will provide wisdom and teachings on public speaking, preaching, and effectively communicating your vision. Gain valuable insights on engaging and inspiring others through effective communication. Input will also be given by Shirene Agbelusi.

6: Collab to Advocate

Join Dot Tyler as she explores the significance of advocacy and justice across all areas, emphasizing women’s right to lead. Input will also be given by Adom Otoo.

7: Collab to Create

Engage in a thought-provoking discussion on how, collectively, we can reshape the landscape for younger women leaders. Explore actionable steps to change the narrative, reach others, and build meaningful relationships. Input from Odele Harding.

8: Collab to Lead

Join Nicki Sims as she inspires us on to grow in character as leaders, and shares insights on finding clarity in your calling in leadership. Input also given by Lois Delong.

9: Collab to Equity

Amy Orr Ewing will unpack clear and helpful biblical and theological truths about women’s right to lead in any sphere, particularly within the Church. Input will also be given by Lauren Windle.

10: Collab to Multiply

Be inspired by Laura Bell as she emphasizes the significance of discipleship, mentorship, and multiplication in leadership. Discover the power of reproducing leaders and learn whom you can invite to join Collab. Input will also be given by Marie-Louise Aitken.

11: Collab to Lead

Learn why developing leadership competency and pursuing ongoing learning and growth are vital to your success as a leader. Rachel Gardner will unpack the importance of leadership competency. Input will also be given by Claire Rush.

12: Collab to Commission

Join us for an exclusive in-person commissioning day event in central London. Reflect on your transformative year-long journey, encounter in worship and more closing sessions, provide feedback, receive certificates, and engage in prayer and fellowship.

Apply now

Apply now

Embark on a remarkable leadership journey with Kyria Collab and witness the transformative power of collaboration.

Together, we will empower, uplift, and equip the next generation of exceptional young female leaders.
For more info or if you have any questions contact info@kyrianetwork.com.

Applications close 6th September 2024.

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