Smashing the glass slipper

Recently I watched Amazon Prime's reimagining of the Cinderella story and found myself encouraged that some of the old stories of a woman's…

Responsibility – A or THE?

Having A responsibility suggests that we have a part to play in the whole. Having THE responsibility suggests we carry the full weight of…

Getting free from comparison

Comparison is a struggle for most of us, isn’t it? So how do we avoid cooperating with comparison and how can we get free?

It’s worth the cost

These women represent just a sprinkling of the millions of female leaders who have changed their worlds for the better and then faded into…

Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler

Rebecca Lee Crumpler was the first black female doctor in the USA.

What If

“What if” is often a wise and important question for leaders to ask, but often the foundation of “What if” is fuelled by fear.

Daisy Bindi

Daisy Bindi was a catalyst for freeing her people from enslavement in Australia.

Growing vs Going

I recognised that God was challenging me about my drivenness to ‘go’ more than ‘grow’. Although my ‘going’ had good intentions, my…