Our Mission

Kyria Network exists to champion, empower and release women leaders into spheres of influence.


Kyria Network is committed to advocate for, support and defend women in leadership. In churches, charities and in the corporate world, the gender gap still exists, and women’s experiences need to be heard and the issues resolved. We are committed to advocating for women and to bridging this gap, championing a biblical perspective that releases people to flourish in accordance with their gifts and calling, not limited by their gender.


Kyria Network provides a safe and supportive environment where women are encouraged and equipped to lead within their spheres of influence. Our events, retreats, training, initiatives and resources equip individuals and organisations both practically and pastorally. Crucially, we are a network – where empowering and supportive relationships are at the heart of who we are and what we do.


Kyria Network believes that God continues to release female leaders to make a difference in every sphere of society. Kyria exists ‘for such a time as this’ to join God in this important work. We continue to build relationships and to educate and resource the church, in order that restrictions and limitations placed over women might be removed in order for women to be released to serve fully alongside their male counterparts.

Our Name

The name Kyria comes from 2 John 1:1 where John refers to the ‘chosen lady’ who leads that church. That word is Kyria.

God is still releasing His chosen female leaders into every sphere of society. For more on our name click here.

Our Way

The Kyria way is always to be ‘REAL’ about the leadership challenges and opportunities we face and to be ‘REAL’ and authentic in how we relate. Here are 4 of the core ways we live out our mission as a network:

Recognise and Relate

  • Kyria aims to recognise and celebrate women and their leadership gifts in all spheres of life, and to support them in their God-given calling.
  • Kyria aims to recognise and champion emerging female leaders from all backgrounds, saying, “we see you”, and supporting their potential to rise and lead.
  • Kyria is a relational network, placing a high emphasis on caring for women of influence, connecting them and strengthening authentic relationships.

Encounter and Equip

  • Kyria prioritises the presence of God, placing a high value on worship, prayer and encounter at all our events.
  • Kyria seeks to equip and resource all women on their leadership journey, through events and retreats, online resources, signposting, relating, mentoring and advising.
  • Kyria is a cross-denominational network, providing theological and leadership resources for all who support women’s right to lead.

Advise and Advocate

  • Kyria provides advice and support to individuals, churches, and organisations who are seeking to change culture and develop all women in leadership.
  • Kyria advocates for an egalitarian perspective on leadership, especially within the Church. We aim to inform and support so that both women and men can flourish, giving mutual encouragement and affirmation to one another.
  • Kyria is committed to advocating for women in all spheres of influence. Our aim is that safety, equality, and equal opportunity for all women should be normal.

Leverage and Listen

  • Kyria is committed to leveraging all we are and all we have to ensure that restrictions and limitations placed over women are removed, thus releasing them to live, work and serve fully, both inside and outside the Church.
  • Kyria is a collaborative network. We value and listen to our Directors, Council of Reference and partners, members and friends so we can grow in wisdom and knowledge, and become a greater resource within and beyond our network.
  • Kyria aims to be lifelong learners, a network who say “we hear you” to the voices of women and others who work to make the world a better place for women.