Worship Gathering

Worship Hour

7 April | 5 May | 2 June | 7 July8pm

The first Wednesday of every month we join together for Worship Hour. We feel certain that this is one of the best and most productive things we can do in this season – time spent with God is always of great value.

Take an hour out to worship, pray and hear God. These Selah moments are vital for our leadership especially because they leave us feeling so refreshed and energised.

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Kyria Leadership Focus events are an opportunity to grow and develop in a particular leadership topic.

Always inspiring, these events are for you and your leadership teams to attend – speakers are experts in their field and we guarantee you’ll come away encouraged and equipped!


Other Events

Physical Health in Leadership Interview
3 June, 7:30-8:30pm
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Kyria North Online
10 July


Online Awards
19 November

More info coming soon…