Support Kyria

How can you lend your support to Kyria? Great question. After all, we’re stronger when we do things together.

You can support Kyria in three vital ways. Pray for us. Promote our ministry. Partner with us financially.


Pray for us

Prayer is the foundation for all that Kyria Network is able to achieve as we continue to bravely and boldly follow God’s leading.

If you would be interested in being part of our prayer team then email to receive specific prayer points from time to time.


Promote Our Ministry

Can you help us get the word out about what God is doing through Kyria Network? If you have had a positive experience with Kyria, why not take time to let us and others know. We would love to hear your testimonials and endorsements. Email them to

PLUS help get the word out by sharing and subscribing to our social media channels so we can reach our goal to see women championed, empowered and released.


Partner with us financially

We’d love you to become an individual ‘Champion’ or organisational ‘Partner’ with a commitment to regularly give to enable us to grow the impact and influence of our work.

Become a Champion

Kyria Champions are individuals who want to support women in leadership, and who are willing to financially stand with us. You can give once or monthly at least £10 per month.

Become a Kyria Champion

Become a Partner

Kyria Partners are churches or organisations who are committed to a culture that empowers women in leadership, and are therefore pleased to stand with us and to financially partner. Kyria Partners give a one-off/yearly gift or at least £20 a month.

Become a Kyria Partner

Giving FAQs

There are still too many stories of women who feel isolated, tolerated, sidelined or who are simply not able to fulfil their leadership potential. We believe Kyria plays a significant role in supporting and advocating for women, but also in educating and resourcing the church in dealing with the issues around women in leadership.

Our events, retreats, training, resources, and relational networks (both in person and online) are a significant resource to many, and the opportunities to work with individuals, networks and churches continue to grow.

The need is great, and we want to do more – but we cannot do it alone!

Your generous giving, prayer and support will enable us to continue our growth into different regions and nations, providing, events, resources and relationships for thousands of women who are pursuing their calling to lead effectively wherever God has planted them.

With your permission, we will send you our regular email updates with inspiration, teaching, ideas, prayer prompts and news to encourage and resource you.
We also have a Facebook page and an Instagram account full of information, inspiration and opportunities to engage further.

PLUS every champion and partner organisation will be invited to an annual online gathering where you will hear from experts on relevant issues, as well as Kyria updates and good news stories.