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This resource introduces you to the Bible’s women leaders in many different spheres. For each study there is a short video clip, Bible references and a set of questions to ponder or discuss with a group of friends.




Allow me to Introduce you was a 30-minute spoken word performance piece introducing a series of female leaders from the Bible. First performed by Fiona Stewart at the Kyria Network Scotland conference in Newton Mearns in 2020.

This performance piece has now been broken down into interactive studies introducing you to 20 biblical women leaders from many different spheres – some in domestic settings, others in the church, some at a national level – and they have something in common. They are all part of the story of God’s kingdom, and they each have a part to play in following his call to lead.

For each study, there is a short video clip with a piece of spoken word performed by Fiona Stewart. In the download, you’ll find the Bible references and a set of questions to ponder or discuss with a group of friends or on your own.


More about Fiona

Fiona Stewart worked as a youth worker for a decade before training as an actor at the Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. In 2009 she founded Foolproof Creative Arts, a Christian arts charity working with performers and churches in Scotland. She now has a portfolio career in creative communication, working in a range of written and spoken media including voiceover, spoken word performance and radio. She is on the Kyria Scotland Team and is part of the Core Leadership Team of her church, Adelaide Place Baptist Church in Glasgow.

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