If I had a pound for every time I heard someone say in this online/pre-recording season “Can you hear me?” – as they frantically and relentlessly click whilst asking “Can you hear me now?” – then I could definitely buy at least one or two pairs of decent shoes.

Can you hear me?

It’s very frustrating when we feel that we have a broken communication connection. When we feel unheard. When it seems that people are not listening. When we feel like we are ‘on repeat’ and yet there’s no sense of greater clarity for those we are sharing with! I wonder what internal reaction that raises in us?

It’s essential that we as leaders develop the ability to clearly, continually and compassionately communicate.

With an ever-changing landscape, and the way ahead uncertain, it’s vital that leaders are regularly checking in with their followers, ensure both they and their followers feel heard, and are moving ahead together in unity.

Jesus modelled this brilliantly.

With stories…

With parables and plain speech, as the great storyteller, he invited people into a story to then make his point with grace and truth. Matthew 13:34 reminds us “Jesus spoke all these things to the crowd in parables; he did not say anything to them without using a parable.” He used everyday situations to make spiritual applications that would help his followers learn more about the Kingdom of God.

Question: Can you think of a real-life story that is happening in your business, church, work or leadership context right now that could have a spiritual application to help your followers? How can we be clearer in our points and keep the main thing the main thing?

With questions…

Jesus often led by asking questions and He did so for many reasons, including…

A) To make human connection (e.g. John 4 – the women at the well)

B) To allow people to voice their own need (e.g. Matthew 20:29-34 – Two Blind Men “What do you want me to do?”)

C) To invite opinion and reflection (e.g. Luke 10:25-28 Disciples- “What must I do to inherit enteral life?, Jesus replied “How do you read it”?)

Question: How can you invite the folk you lead to question and clarify with you along your leadership journey? What structures do you have in place to support this?

With grace…

I’m sure there was many a time that Jesus just wanted to ‘facepalm’ with frustration when it felt like people just weren’t ‘getting it’! His consistent grace and love and mercy for people was self-evident. In Luke 24:13 we see Jesus’ patience with the disciples on the Emmaus Road and he walked with them until their ‘eyes were opened’.

Question: Remember that peoples’ attention and capacity is ridiculously challenged in this season. Let’s be other-centred in this season and aim to really “see” people

What can you do to help people with small simple reminders and encouragements, minutes and short phone call? How can you stay longer with people if needed, taking time to listen to them before responding?

With peace…

(e.g Luke 10:5-9- When you enter a house) – Jesus always modelled that our starting point should be peace.

These days are not easy days to lead with peace.

With high anxiety and tensions, what does it look like for us to own and declare peace fr ourselves and for those around us.

Question- How can we commit to carry an atmosphere of peace whenever and wherever you lead. Making a choice to daily declare and wear the peace of God?

Let’s be challenged to lead more like Jesus and compassionately communicate.