Kyria has an awesome mandate to encourage, equip and release women to take up the roles of leadership they are called to. This is a powerful and inspiring God-given call, and we are determined to do whatever we can to facilitate what God is doing in His Kingdom in the arena of women and leadership.

For this purpose we meet regularly as a team to pray and strategise, listening to hear God for the ways Kyria will operate in each new season. In a recent meeting, the Lord led us to a passage in Isaiah 62 which gives such a beautiful explanation of the powerful anointing He has called women with in this generation. We exchanged the word ‘Jerusalem’ for the words ‘women in leadership’ in order to get the greatest possible impact regarding His call to His daughters

I’ve posted watchmen on the walls. Day and night we will keep at it, praying calling out, reminding God to remember. Walk out of the gates. Get going! Get the road ready for the other women. Build the highway. Get at it! Clear the debris, hoist high a flag, a signal to all women! Yes! GOD has broadcast to all the world: “Tell daughter Zion, ‘Look! Your Savior comes, ready to do what he said He’d do, prepared to complete what He promised.’” Zion will be called new names: Holy People, GOD-Redeemed, Sought-Out, City-Not-Forsaken.”

Isaiah 62 :6, 10-12 (The Message)

Our call and privilege as women in leadership is to work towards forging a path for other women to follow, enabling others to reach the call that God has placed on their lives to lead in and through the Body of Christ, in whatever way God calls them.

Many pioneering leaders have found that they must create space for themselves in the work the Lord has called us to. Others have been privileged to have had space created for them by courageous and visionary leaders. Either way, the temptation is to stay within the boundaries of the space you inhabit, yet God continues to call us to enlarge the place of our habitation and create a wider space so others can join us.

In my early days of leading as a volunteer, an enormous amount of energy was required to remove the obstacles that stood in the way of my leadership. I felt like I was picking up and carrying the boulders of other people’s opinions.

‘Who do you think you are?’

‘Why are you thinking of doing that?’

‘What do you think you’re doing?’

‘Who do you think will follow your lead?’

‘How is that going to happen?’

Many of those opinions were expressed even by people whose opinions and good will I valued, as I was pioneering a new outreach for girls and young women. But by the grace of God, and support from my amazing husband, it happened. The work got done. I found ways to lead, and to encourage others to lead also.

The temptation was to lead by myself, gathering as many volunteers as were crazy enough to join me, but as the ministry grew I realised I needed to embrace the younger leaders who were biting at my heels to grow into the leadership I was role modeling. I had to give them room and let them take the lead in the significant things that I had created.

As I did that, I discovered that God increased the ministry.

Removing the boulders as I went along created a path for the rising leaders. Having discarded the stumbling blocks, rising leaders had a clear path in which to follow my lead, and to lead in their own right.

As time went on I had the privilege of taking on a senior leadership role in the church I was in because another courageous woman created room and opened doors for me. This experience enabled me to grow and develop as a leader, and ultimately I went on to lead my own church as senior pastor and continue to do so. Without her belief in me, I know I wouldn’t be living in the full expanse of my ministry, nor would I be fulfilling my mandate.

The passion and mission of Kyria is the same as I have described to you. We are called to encourage and equip women to lead, as well as to remind those of us who do lead to make space for the women who follow us, women who want to hold onto our coat tails, and who trust us to open doors for them.

In doing that we will leave a legacy for the next generation, and they in turn will do the same for those who follow them.

Generational encouragement. Generational empowering of women who will get the road ready for the next generation to lead without stumbling over the debris that used to litter the road.