What would you think of if you heard the phrase ‘getting to the heart of it’? May be you would think about discovering the core of something, getting beyond the surface of things or delving deeper. As leaders, we often want to go deeper, discover more, ask more questions or just have an opportunity to unpack things alongside others – why? Could it be that this is the way God made us and maybe by getting to the heart of things we can grow more in our leadership, our understanding of ourselves and also in our understanding of God. If this is how you are thinking, you will be interested in Kyria Scotland’s new venture.

Kyria Scotland is launching ‘Cymbrogi Groups’. Cymbrogi is an ancient Celtic word meaning ‘Companions of the Heart’. The idea of these innovative groups is to get to the heart of leadership. Our prayer is that these places will connect Christian female leaders to continue in their leadership call. Our hope is that those in the groups will together create environments that catalyse and cultivate exceptional leaders.

This pilot was born from research we undertook where we asked Christian female leaders across Scotland about their leadership journeys, their challenges, their struggles, how they wanted to grow as leaders and what Kyria could do to help with that. We are excited to see what God does in and through these Cymbrogi Groups.

Leaders thrive as they continue to grow, be stretched, challenged and get to the heart of things and it’s so beneficial to do this with others.

I love the beautiful relationship of Ruth and Naomi in the Bible and how given over they are to each other. For me they embody the “Cymbrogi” way. Their connection to each other and their challenge to keep each other sharp is admirable.

Speaking from my own experience, journeying with others to pursue my call and purpose in leading has been crucial. It has been the times when I have purposefully journeyed with a group of other leaders that I have personally grown and flourished.

What about you? We are still at the start of 2024. so there is time to find your own ‘companions of the heart’. Maybe this will be through a future Cymbrogi group in Scotland or it could be an alternative option. Prioritising this, investing in it and intentionally engaging in something like this is likely to bring transformation.

Kyria Scotland is in the very early stages of Cymbrogi, but already we have had women share with us how they have been ‘looking for something just like this’ and are ‘excited to go on a journey with fellow leaders to learn and grow’ or they are ‘super excited to meet and encourage one another and journey through faith and leadership together’.

Please do be praying for us in Scotland as we start this journey and we are also praying for you as you consider how this could work for you wherever you are based or whatever sphere you lead in.