Being a female leader in any leadership sphere can feel hard. And yet that is why we are so passionate at Kyria Network to champion, empower and release women leaders into every sphere of society. We want to continue to do all we can to promote equity and advocate for women leaders and create a better pathway in church and wider society.

But how do we keep on keeping on? In my Church we have been looking at Ruth over the last few months and I have been reminded again and struck how Ruth models a leadership that we can learn from today.

Ruth was a woman who demonstrated remarkable leadership, but it was not an easy journey for her. Ruth the Moabite, as she is often referred to in the story, was a refugee and seen as an outsider. As a female leader can you relate to feeling like an outsider? We may not all be refugees, but I know I have felt like an outsider because of my gender. That feeling of isolation, loss and negativity. Through Ruth we see someone who did not let the negativity and thoughts of others determine who and what she was going to become. In leadership, if we have ever felt like an outsider or an imposter we have to continue to keep coming back to Jesus to be reminded again of our identity as a leader in Him and who He has called us to be.

So what about you? Have you ever felt frustrated by your circumstances? Ruth was frustrated as a widow amidst personal tragedy with minimal prospects and an uncertain of the future. It would have been completely understandable for her to have left, when Naomi gave her the opportunity to. Yet Ruth showed a loyalty and a determination to persevere. She continues to persevere even when it is hard, challenging, frustrating and helpless. May be for you this is a reminder to keep hanging on and not only know your true identity in Jesus but also be built up again to keep going in your leadership.

Finally, as well as being reminded of our true identity as leaders and who Jesus has called us to be, as well as having a determination to persevere we need to keep being courageous. Ruth showed a boldness and courage that was not like others. As leaders how do we continue to keep making the bold and courageous choices and decisions but not give up or become bitter, fed up and disillusioned? it can only be from spending time with Jesus. Through prayer, worship, podcasts, blogs, friends and other women leaders we can support one another, connect on a REAL level and keep encouraging one another to be bold and courageous in our leadership.