We had some exciting deliveries in the Summerfield house the other day! The peak of the week was a simultaneous delivery of my new curtains (yes I really am THAT sad, and got THAT excited about this that I had to immediately drop everything I was doing to put them up!) and for Matt a soundbar for the TV to make film watching loud and immense! (yes he really is that SAD that he also hurried in excitement to get this up and running!) We were like little kids thinking it was Christmas Day!

The other night we ‘christened’ the soundbar in style by watching Marvel’s “End Game’ FULL BLAST – we literally felt it in the floor! As the movie comes to the final battle scene, there’s an iconic moment where all the super-heroes come together. This is followed by a very rare, all-female super-heroes scene (which you can must check out here!)

It’s a powerful moment for sure – and as I watched the whole scene with all the super-heroes joining together to defeat evil there was definitely a lump in my throat! It was then that I felt God nudge me and say this… “Fellowship fights fear!

In the scene, as Spiderman looks ahead to the mass opposing army, he turns to Captain Marvel and says, “I don’t know how you’re gonna get through all them”. But all of a sudden – ALL the other female super-heroes appear behind her and say “don’t worry – she’s got help! The women then work together to help Captain Marvel achieve her goal to break through the enemy lines! YES!!! it’s such a victorious moment!

But what does this mean for us? What’s the leadership lesson?

Right now we may be wondering how we are going to get through this time. How are our Churches, businesses and areas of influence going to survive? How can I lead well and effectively when I feel like I have no idea what to do?

Know this… you are NOT on your own, you have help! Kyria’s values include collaboration and championing each other. We recognise that together we can accomplish greats things. So be encouraged this month too reach out to others. Let’s stand with each other as leaders and ….fight fear with fellowship. And even more, don’t forget to have fellowship with Jesus, the one who is always for us.