As levels of lockdown continue and the road ahead is still unclear, it’s been said that the Church is in a greenhouse season, cultivating something new. My Dad used to have a greenhouse and when I went into it in the summer to get something, the heat was always so intense. I felt super uncomfortable and couldn’t wait to get out as the pressure and intensity of the heat felt too much.

I think we can resonate with that even now. Some of us are feeling uncomfortable in the heat of the moment, but you know, heat is necessary for growth. It takes higher temperatures for plants to grow.

Things grow in higher temperatures – without the warmth, nothing germinates and develops.

Things grow in poo – Sorry to go there but it’s true! – manure aids growth! This pandemic is awful, but God uses everything to develop His purposes and HIs characteristics into His people, so the world can be changed.

Things grow in the light – The job of the greenhouse is to quicken the process of growth via heat and light. God uses the light and exposure in our lives and leadership. Learning is key to getting the most out of this season.

Things grow when pruned – Covid19 has definitely caused a cutting back and God is using this season to help us grow stronger in Him via the pruning process. Every leader experiences pruning on a number of levels, and the maddening thing is that we don’t get to choose how the pruning will come.

We just have to trust the process. Bishop T.D. Jakes says: Ive never seen a Rose bush ask for the scissors.’

Things grow when staked – These are hard times but we are not meant to go it alone. Ultimately, we are to lean into God and into each other. Don’t be afraid to check in with your leadership friends, ask their advice, share your stories and resources. You will really be encouraged. 

These are simple truths, but often they’re the best truths to help us remember to trust God and His processes. He’s growing us and transforming us for the good of His Kingdom.