A different kind of guest post today. This is from Erika Croxford – songstress, pastor, poet.
I’m sure we can all identify with what she has expressed here.

Something was coming toward me…
Intimidating and loud
Asking for conformity
A reckoning of acceptance

But You intervened

You cut in and fought for me
And You wouldn’t let go
You were fierce with Your tactics,
Laying low my enemy
And restoring my honour.

I have trusted You without seeing

And now that I have seen

This force will be an unstoppable flow

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Erika Croxford

Erika is a senior pastor along with her husband Ryan at C3 Newcastle City, Australia. She is a mum to two boys Jensen & Judah, is passionate about the local church and loving people. Erika is also an accomplished song writer and her voice recently featured on C3NC Music's release March.

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