One of the traits of leadership is the inclination to seek understanding and insight. For that reason, it’s common for all of us to trawl the internet, book shops, conferences and every other avenue in search of encouragement and information. Over the years since Kyria was founded, many leaders, both female and male, have contacted us with questions, sharing their leadership scenarios and struggles. For leaders who seek advice, support and expertise, Kyria has determined to draw not only from our own experiences as leaders, but to explore and research the insights of others, recommending books, blogs, videos, podcasts and websites to encourage and equip leaders, as well as supporting authors, teachers and speakers who pave the way for women in leadership.

The establishment of The Well is the result of our research. Our aim is to gather and curate resources that champion, empower and release women with the goal that those resources will champion, empower and release you in greater measure as a leader. The Well provides resources for leaders who are resolved to expand their understanding of issues relating to equity in leadership, advocacy for women leaders, and advice to anyone who seeks greater insight into the matters and concerns that stem from this topic which is so vital to the health and well being of the Church. We will regularly add to these resources as we know that strategic learning always brings refreshment and inspiration on the journey of leading as God called us to lead.

The launch date for The Well is 8th August 2022. Check out our social media platforms through the coming days to read encouragements and endorsements from leaders we appreciate and trust. As we work on this fantastic resource to encourage your leadership call, we would love you to support us in this venture, so feel free to repost and share on your own social pages. The more the merrier, right?