“Catch for us the foxes,
the little foxes
that ruin the vineyards,
our vineyards that are in bloom.”
Song of Songs 2:15

The above scripture is interesting. Even though it captures the conversation between two lovers, it carries a profound instruction for every believer, and indeed, every leader for God.

This chapter is a beautiful call to intimacy. The previous verses talk about the togetherness and relationship God wants us to have with Him and each other.

The random passage about foxes is an interesting one. What does it tell us?

Foxes are destructive. Regardless of their small size foxes are used in the bible as a metaphor for destruction. In this context, ‘little foxes’ refers to those sins, attitudes and habits that we often overlook, excuse or defend. As much as we try to ignore them, they often have a huge negative impact in our lives and leadership if we chose to let them stay. When people leave these sly little foxes unattended, that little distraction can potentially cause massive destruction.

How do those little foxes relate to our life and leadership?

  • The little foxes you listen to – your inner critic or the critical voices around you.
  • The little foxes you bow to – your ego, false priorities and wrong thinking.
  • The little foxes that distract you – seduction and busyness determined to steal our intimacy with Jesus, creating wrong ways of doing life and leadership.

Nicki Sims (one of our Trustees and Skylark International leader) recently said: “The biggest ‘little fox’ are those that steal our intimacy with Jesus.”
The little foxes exemplify issues which can disturb or destroy our good relationship with God and each other.

How do we keep the foxes at bay? How do we catch them?

  • Recognise them by their tone. If you have ever heard a fox scream you know what I mean! The first step is to acknowledge the existence of that fox (an issue that needs to be dealt with).
  • Be honest with yourself and others. Christian life comes with many trials and temptations; there will always be little foxes attempting to break your relationship with God. Its important to be honest and transparent about what these are for you.
  • Guard the vineyard – this refers to a constant relationship with God. Habits, attitudes, every negative attribute dies a natural death when met with consistent relationship with God.
  • Catch them quickly – remember small issues can become a big hindrance.
  • Relax and remember – You are in God’s hands and you were made to produce fruit – fruit that will last.